Can Air Conditioning Make Asthma Worse?

You can prevent this from happening and ultimately avoid another asthma attack carefully and conscientiously doing a regular air conditioner cleaning Brisbane. 

High humidity and moisture in the house allow the growth of these microorganisms in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), dehumidifiers, pans, condensate wet insulation, plaster / drywall and carpets no wonder why regular aircon cleaning is advised.

How your air conditioning system Affects Asthma Elimination of indoor air allergens from the house is one way to help reduce asthma attacks. Regular air conditioning cleaning can help asthma attacks, as they are designed to filter the air.

When a person breathes asthma in an asthma trigger, the airways can swell, tighten, and produce too much mucus. For this reason, it is important for people with asthma to know what their asthma triggers are and learn how to control them. A clean air conditioner also works great for filtering triggers allergic asthma, not like the smoke of wood fires, smoke cigarettes, and various forms of air pollutants; it requires a regular air conditioner cleaning to avoid these attacks. Visit or call Electrodry Aircon Cleaning at 1300 902 585.

The best solution is with central heating and cooling systems, as opposed to the kind you put in windows. When the filter is properly clean, maintained or replaced, these units are very effective in minimizing asthma triggers in the air. People with asthma should learn what their individual triggers are, but there is common like tobacco smoke: The smoke can cause wheezing and asthma attacks along with allergens such as pollen, dander animals, and dust particles that enter your home through the air and settle on your carpets, furniture and your cleaned air conditioner will help filter these kinds of allergens.

Improving air quality for simple home to asthma can improve the air quality in your home and make it easy to asthma, to make your home a smoke-free zone, and attention to ventilation, heating and cooling. If you have done aircon cleaning and properly maintain your central AC system as opposed to have dirty ducts, allow debris to build on the filter, or do not change the filter regularly, you can aggravate the symptoms of asthma or trigger an attack.

How does Air Conditioners Trigger Asthma Attacks?

Mould grows often unnoticed in the air conditioner, and that will be distributed throughout the house once the unit is turned on. Mould is one of the worst triggers of asthma, and can have an asthma attack when the air conditioner is used. Mould requires a moist environment to flourish, and air conditioners allow moisture and other debris from accumulating in the air handler. Mould in the air is blown out of the vents and then installed on other surfaces and begins a new colony and will continue if you haven’t done a thorough aircon cleaning on your units.

So, is air conditioners good for asthma?

Although the air conditioning does not filter the air, it helps people with asthma, because the doors and windows are kept closed, which helps keep pollen and other external irritants and allergens House. A sudden change in the cold to hot temperatures may also cause an asthma attack.

Air conditioners are nice. They keep the freshness of the air and refreshing. They can reduce moisture and trigger airborne. The combination of these effects may improve asthma control. They can make breathing easier. But they can also trigger asthma if aircon cleaning is not properly done.