What Is an Immediate Denture

If you’ve ever lost a tooth, ýou know how important it is to have a replacement that looks and functions just like a real tooth. That`s whý dentists offer immediate dentures. These are dentures that are made in advance and can be placed immediately after your natural teeth are removed.

Immediate dentures have many benefits. They can help ýou feel better about your appearance right after tooth loss and make eating and speaking easier. They also help protect your gums and other teeth from irritation while they heal.

If ýou’re considering immediate dentures, it`s important to know that they require more care than regular dentures. That`s because they can become loose more easily and need to be relined or replaced more often. But with proper care, immediate dentures can give you the confidence and function you need after tooth loss.

How long does an immediate denture last?

An immediate denture typically lasts for about six months to a year. It is meant to serve as a temporary replacement until the gums have healed and a permanent denture can be made.

What is the process for immediate dentures?

The process for immediate dentures generally involves taking impressions of the mouth, which are used to make the dentures. The dentures are then placed in the mouth and held in place with special adhesive.


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