Should You Consider Dental Implants?

Our teeth are something most of us just take for granted. It’s not until we start experiencing pain or lose a tooth that we seriously consider our dental health. But once your dental health has taken a wrong turn, things can begin to spiral out of control rapidly. As soon as you lose your first tooth, your dental structure begins to weaken, causing teeth to loosen and shift out of their natural position. The risk of losing additional teeth increases significantly, and your overall dental health may become compromised.


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Why should you consider dental implants?

Dental implants allow you to retain all of your natural teeth, including all of your dentition (size, spacing, etc). You can literally walk around with your entire mouth and jaw set on display like a movie star. With the advancement of dental implant technology, your overall oral health can improve significantly. By placing a dental prosthesis between the implant and the gum, you’re preventing excess dental decay. These kinds of dental implants are generally referred to as “Single Titanium Implants.” There are three kinds of single titanium implants available: Primary Tubes : The outer layer of the implant is made from titanium and contains a smaller hole that goes straight into the jawbone. These are the most common type of dental implants.


What dental implants are and why they are important

Before we dive into how dental implants can correct a failing mouth, we need to know exactly what they are. Dental implants can be described as implants made of metal or a plastic. An implant is an artificial tooth that is inserted into a structure of your mouth. Implants are permanent solutions that give you the opportunity to have your old teeth replaced or replaced with a different option that will stay put. Implants are placed by your dentist in a specific pattern in your mouth. They are custom made to fit your specific teeth and gum. Ideally, they are placed in the shape of a tooth socket so that the structure of your mouth is secure. After the implants are placed, you will be told to come back to your dentist 6-8 weeks later for your first dental checkup after implantation.


Types of dental implants

Your dentist will suggest implants if your tooth loss is related to your other teeth. Implants are designed to support tooth positions that have been impacted. They can be used to replace missing teeth or to increase the size of existing teeth. There are three common types of dental implants: metal (e.g. titanium), ceramic, and composite. Each can be used to support teeth in different ways depending on the anatomy of the patient. Metal dental implants are made of metal, such as titanium or chromium. They are typically very strong and do not need to be replaced as often as other types of dental implants. However, they are heavier and require patients to be on a separate recovery regimen. Ceramic implants are also made from metal, but they are softer and more forgiving.