How often should you have your aircon cleaned

Your air conditioner, like your vehicle, needs routine maintenance. Your air conditioner’s air filters, coils, and fins should all be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure maximum performance. Failure to do so could reduce the life of your air conditioner and result in expensive repair calls. When you neglect your air conditioner, its efficiency will deteriorate as it consumes more electricity, resulting in skyrocketing utility bills. Calling a licensed air conditioning expert to conduct a tune-up would also save you a lot of money in wasted energy.

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How much should your air conditioner be cleaned?

So, how much should your air conditioner be cleaned? Since the various components of your air conditioner need different quantities of operation, there isn’t a single answer to that question. During peak operating seasons, for example, the air filters should be cleaned or replaced every month or two. You can need to change your filters more often if you have fluffy pets, live in a dusty environment, or if your air conditioner is constantly working. By simply replacing a dirty air filter, you can save up to 15% on your energy bill. One of the most critical maintenance activities for your air conditioner is to replace or clean the air filters. When your air filters get dirty or clogged, the air in your home cannot circulate properly. A clogged air filter will cause your evaporator coils to freeze over, causing ice to form within your air conditioner and reducing its performance.

Your evaporator and condenser coils are another component of your air conditioner that will need to be cleaned. Although your air filter will help to reduce the amount of dirt and grime that accumulates on these coils, dirt will accumulate over time. Dirt accumulation can limit airflow and insulate the coil. The ability of the coil to absorb heat is reduced as it becomes insulated, lowering the efficiency of your air conditioner. These coils should be washed once a year, but going inside your AC device if you don’t know what you’re doing can be risky. As a result, this is a job best left to the experts. Other sections of your air conditioner, such as the condensate drains and coil fins, will need to be cleaned as well.

The best way to ensure that your air conditioner runs efficiently is to replace your air filters on a regular basis and schedule a yearly tune-up, particularly on hot days when you need it the most. Contact ACT Air Conditioning today if your air conditioner is due for routine maintenance.

Our pets are members of our family and provide us with joy, companionship, and affection. Pets, on the other hand, may trigger a few problems with air quality in your HVAC system due to their wagging tails, playing, and endless petting.

Filters for Air Conditioners

The most critical maintenance job for ensuring your air conditioner’s performance is to replace or clean its filters on a regular basis. Filters that are clogged or dirty prevent normal airflow and greatly reduce a system’s effectiveness. Since normal airflow is obstructed, dirt can be carried directly into the evaporator coil, reducing the coil’s heat-absorbing ability. Replacing a dirty, clogged filter with a clean one will reduce the energy consumption of your air conditioner by 5% to 15%.

Filters for central air conditioners are usually mounted somewhere along the length of the return duct. Filters are commonly found in walls, floors, furnaces, and even the air conditioner itself. A filter is installed in the grill of a room air conditioner that faces into the room.

Some filters may be reused, while others must be replaced. They come in a range of shapes and sizes, as well as different levels of performance. During the cooling season, clean or replace the air conditioning system’s filter or filters every month or two. If the air conditioner is in continuous use, is exposed to dusty conditions, or you have fur-bearing pets in the building, filters can need more frequent attention.

Coils for Air Conditioners

The evaporator coil and condenser coil of an air conditioner accumulate soil during months and years of use. The evaporator coil is less likely to get dirty if the filter is kept clean. The evaporator coil, on the other hand, will continue to accumulate dirt over time. This dirt obstructs airflow and insulates the coil, lowering its heat-absorbing ability. Check your evaporator coil once a year and clean it as needed to prevent this issue.

If the outdoor air is dusty or there is vegetation nearby, outdoor condenser coils may become very dirty. The condenser coil is clearly visible, and you can see if dirt has accumulated on its fins.

Dirt and debris should be kept away from the condenser unit. Dirt and debris will come from your dryer vents, dropping leaves, and your lawnmower. Enable for sufficient airflow around the condenser by cleaning the area around the coil, removing any dirt, and trimming vegetation back at least 2 feet (0.6 meters).

Should My Furnace Be Repaired or Replaced?

As your furnace ages, and as you start to have more frequent maintenance on that furnace, you will probably stop to ask yourself whether furnace repair or furnace replacement is the best choice. This can be a difficult thing to decide for many people, simply because the cost of replacing a furnace can be quite high.